When Did The iPhone 8 Plus Come Out


When we look back at the history of smartphones, certain models have set milestones and pushed the industry in new directions. The iPhone 8 Plus, which followed the pattern of offering a larger and more feature-rich version alongside the standard model, is one such device. But when did the iPhone 8 Plus actually hit the market? Let’s take an extensive look at this iconic phone’s release date, features, and its impact on the smartphone industry.

The Official Release Date

The iPhone 8 Plus was officially announced by Apple on September 12, 2017, alongside its smaller sibling, the iPhone 8. Both phones became available for pre-order on September 15, 2017, and they were officially released a week later on September 22, 2017. This release schedule was very much in line with Apple’s historical pattern for iPhone releases, which typically occur in September.

Not Just an Incremental Update

While the iPhone 8 Plus did look quite similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus, it brought several noteworthy updates to the table:

  • Glass Back: The addition of a glass back allowed for wireless charging, a first for iPhones.
  • Enhanced Display: Although it maintained the same size and resolution, the iPhone 8 Plus featured True Tone technology for better color accuracy.
  • Improved Cameras: The 12MP dual-camera system was revamped for better low-light performance and included a new Portrait Lighting feature.

A Prelude to the iPhone X

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 Plus was released alongside the groundbreaking iPhone X, which was announced at the same event but was released later on November 3, 2017. The iPhone X stole much of the limelight due to its radical design and the introduction of Face ID. This led some to consider the iPhone 8 Plus as the “lesser” model, although it was anything but that.

Market Reception

Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus enjoyed strong sales. It was praised for its performance and camera capabilities, although it faced some criticism for not breaking new ground in design. Nonetheless, the phone was considered a workhorse and a compelling option for those not ready to embrace the drastic changes introduced by the iPhone X.

Legacy and Subsequent Updates

The iPhone 8 Plus has had a long-lasting impact and continued to be sold by Apple until April 2020, when it was officially discontinued following the release of the second-generation iPhone SE. However, the phone remains popular in the used and refurbished markets, with software support still available as of my last update in September 2023.


Is the iPhone 8 Plus still worth buying?

While it may lack some of the bells and whistles of newer models, the iPhone 8 Plus remains a robust device for everyday tasks, with software support still ongoing.

How much did the iPhone 8 Plus cost at launch?

The iPhone 8 Plus was priced starting at $799 for the base 64GB model and $949 for the 256GB variant.

What were the color options for the iPhone 8 Plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus initially launched in Silver, Space Gray, and a new Gold finish.

Does the iPhone 8 Plus support wireless charging?

Yes, the iPhone 8 Plus was among the first iPhones to support wireless charging thanks to its glass back.

When was the iPhone 8 Plus discontinued?

Apple officially discontinued the iPhone 8 Plus in April 2020.


The iPhone 8 Plus, released on September 22, 2017, played a pivotal role in the iPhone lineup. It offered significant upgrades in terms of performance, display, and camera capabilities while introducing wireless charging to the iPhone series. Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the futuristic iPhone X, the 8 Plus has carved out its own legacy as a reliable and powerful device. Whether you are an Apple enthusiast keen on the brand’s history or someone considering buying an older but still capable iPhone, the 8 Plus remains an interesting subject of discussion.

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