Statistics for Twitch Users as of September 2023

Statistics for Twitch Users as of September 2023

Twitch is a leading live-streaming platform primarily focused on gaming but also encompasses a variety of content. Founded in 2011, it allows streamers to broadcast live video content to viewers in real time.

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Monthly Active Users on Twitch 2023

Twitch has 140 million monthly active users at the moment. In 2023, the social media network will boast an average of 2.4 million concurrent viewers. Twitch’s average active viewership drops by 300,000 or around 13% from 2022 to 2023 when it averages 2.45 million users. Twitch has the most user share (73%), followed by Bigo Live and Nimo TV.

Concurrent Twitch Viewers by Year (2012-2023)

Twitch now has 2.45 million concurrent viewers, down 13% from 2022. The platform’s concurrent viewership hit one million in 2018 and will cross two million in 2020.

The number of Twitch streamers (2018–2023)

Twitch will have 7.58 million streamers in 2023, with a 7.82% increase over last year.

Twitch had over 7.03 million streamers in 2022, a 7% decrease from the previous year. The platform recorded approximately 3.35 million streamers in 2019, with 5.89 million more added in 2020. Between 2021 and 2022, there were 540,000 fewer Twitch partners, a 7% decrease. Twitch had reached its peak of users in 2020, with over 9.24 million streams. However, by 2021, the figure had dropped by 18% or 1.67 million users.

The Rise of Twitch streamers

Twitch saw a 530,000 rise in streamers from 2022 to 2023, representing a 7.82% increase. The current user base shows an 84% increase over 2018, or an additional 3.46 million users since 2018.

Twitch Demographics in the World (2023)

People between the ages of 25 and 34 make up the majority of Twitch users, comprising 49.70% of the total user base. Male users dominate the platform, contributing to over 80% of all users.

Demographics of the Twitch Age Group

In 2022, users aged 25 to 34 dominated Twitch, followed by users aged 16 to 24. Twitch Demographics by Gender Twitch has more male users, accounting for 79.79% of the total user population, while females 20.21%.

Top countries with the most Twitch users

The United States has the most Twitch traffic in the world, with 20.46% of all visits. In 2021, roughly 7.10% of Americans watched live streaming on the platform. Germany comes in second with 6.07%, followed by the Republic of Korea (5.32%), Russia, and France.

The most popular Twitch streamer (2023)

Ninja is now the most popular and the most-followed male streamer, with over 18 million followers.

With over 9 million followers, Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer.

With over 15 million followers, Auronplay is the second most popular Twitch streamer, along with Rubius and ibai, with over 13 million and 12 million followers among the most popular streams.

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