How to Tell if AirPods are Charging


AirPods have become an immensely popular wireless earbud solution, offering a seamless and convenient listening experience. However, it’s not always immediately clear how to tell if your AirPods are charging. Understanding the charging status is essential to ensure that your AirPods are ready to use when you need them. This article will guide you through several methods to determine if your AirPods are charging.

1. Check the Charging Case LED Indicator

One of the simplest ways to tell if your AirPods are charging is to look at the LED indicator located on the front of the charging case:

  • When AirPods are Inside: If the AirPods are in the case and the LED is green, they are fully charged. If the LED is amber, they are charging.
  • When AirPods are Outside: If the AirPods are outside the case and the LED is green, the case is fully charged. If it’s amber, the case itself is charging.

2. View Battery Status on Your iPhone

You can also check the charging status directly on your iPhone:

  • For AirPods Inside the Case: Open the lid of the AirPods’ charging case near your iPhone. A pop-up will appear on the iPhone’s screen displaying the battery status of both the AirPods and the case.
  • For AirPods Connected to the iPhone: If your AirPods are connected to your iPhone and not in the case, you can see their battery status in the ‘Today View’ widget or by asking Siri for the battery status.

3. Check on Other Apple Devices

  • Mac: If your AirPods are connected to your Mac, you can click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and hover over the AirPods to see the battery status.
  • iPad: The process on an iPad is similar to the iPhone. You can open the AirPods’ case near the iPad or check the Today View if they are connected.

4. Use a Lightning Cable with a Transparent Case

If you’re using a charging case with a transparent or translucent shell, you might be able to see the LED indicator even when the case is closed, allowing you to quickly glance at the color of the LED.

5. Utilize Third-party Apps (with Caution)

Some third-party apps claim to provide detailed battery status information for AirPods. While these may be an option, always ensure you’re using reputable and safe apps, as there might be privacy concerns.


Telling if your AirPods are charging is simple and can be done in several ways. Whether it’s through physical indicators on the case, digital displays on your Apple devices, or other means, you have the tools at your fingertips to ensure that your AirPods are charged and ready to use. By understanding these methods, you can confidently enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences with your AirPods.

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