How to Edit Home Screen on iOS 16


Customizing the Home Screen of your iOS device allows you to personalize your phone’s look and functionality. With the release of iOS 16, Apple has introduced even more exciting features for home screen customization. If you are keen on taking advantage of these new features, this comprehensive guide will help you understand how to edit the home screen on iOS 16.

Understanding Home Screen Elements

Before you start, it’s crucial to know what elements can be edited:

App Icons

Move, group or delete applications to declutter your home screen.


Add, resize, or remove widgets to display useful information at a glance.

App Library

A feature that automatically organizes all your apps into categories.

Rearranging App Icons

Step 1: Enter Edit Mode

Press and hold an empty space on the home screen or tap and hold an app icon until it starts jiggling.

Step 2: Drag and Drop

Touch and hold an app, then drag it to your desired location.

Step 3: Create Folders

Drag an app onto another app to create a folder. You can rename the folder by tapping on its name.

Step 4: Exit Edit Mode

Tap the “Done” button on the top-right corner or press the home button to exit edit mode.

Adding and Managing Widgets

Step 1: Access Widget Gallery

Tap and hold on an empty area on the home screen to enter edit mode, then tap the ‘+’ icon at the top-left corner to access the widget gallery.

Step 2: Choose Widget

Select a widget you want to add and swipe right or left to choose its size.

Step 3: Add to Home Screen

Tap “Add Widget” to place it on your home screen. Drag to position it where you want.

Utilizing the App Library

Accessing App Library

Swipe left until you reach the last page of your home screen, then swipe one more time to access the App Library.

Using App Library

You can either scroll through categories or use the search bar at the top to find apps.


Can I hide app pages on iOS 16?

Yes, enter edit mode and tap the dots at the bottom of the screen. Uncheck the pages you want to hide.

How can I resize a widget?

You need to remove the widget and re-add it in the desired size from the widget gallery.

Is it possible to add widgets from third-party apps?

Yes, any third-party app that supports widgets will appear in the widget gallery.

Can I set a custom wallpaper?

Absolutely, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose New Wallpaper to set a custom background.

How do I reset my home screen to its default layout?

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This will revert your home screen to its original settings.


iOS 16 offers extensive customization options to tailor your home screen according to your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to rearrange apps, introduce useful widgets, or make the most of the App Library, the options are robust and user-friendly. Once you familiarize yourself with these features, editing your home screen becomes a breeze.

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