How to Change the Background of a Picture on iPhone for Free


There are moments when a captured image would be perfect if only the background were different. Whether it’s to emphasize a subject, to craft a more aesthetic vibe, or just to have fun, changing the background of a photo is a sought-after editing skill. Luckily, with your iPhone, you don’t need to be a professional to do this. Here’s how to effortlessly change the background of an image using free tools available to every iPhone user.

Why Change the Background?

Changing a picture’s background can:

  1. Elevate Composition: Emphasize the photo’s subject.
  2. Adapt to Themes: Fit the image into specific themes or moods.
  3. Remove Distractions: Eliminate unsightly or unwanted elements.

Using the Built-in iPhone Tools

Apple’s iOS is equipped with basic photo editing capabilities. While you cannot replace the background entirely, you can blur or darken it to emphasize the subject.

  1. Open Photos App: Choose the image you want to edit.
  2. Tap Edit: This option is at the top right corner.
  3. Selective Adjustments: Use the adjustment tools to tweak the background. For example, you can decrease brightness or increase contrast.
  4. Blur Option: Use the “Portrait” mode to blur the background, available for photos taken in this mode.

Utilizing Free Third-party Apps

For a more comprehensive background change, consider free third-party applications that specialize in photo editing:


    • Download & Open: Install PicsArt from the App Store.
    • Select Image: Tap the plus “+” icon and pick your image.
    • Tools: Use the ‘Cutout’ tool to trace around the subject.
    • Save Cutout: Once satisfied with the selection, save the cutout.
    • Apply New Background: Add a new layer and place it below the cutout to act as the new background.

Background Eraser:

    • Download & Open: Find Background Eraser in the App Store.
    • Choose Image: Start a new project with your desired photo.
    • Erase Background: Use the eraser tools to remove the current background.
    • Save Transparent Image: Save the image with a transparent background.
    • Add New Background: You can then insert this image over any desired background using any basic photo editor.

Adobe Photoshop Mix:

    • Download & Open: Secure Adobe Photoshop Mix from the App Store.
    • Import Image: Start a new project and add your photo.
    • Cut Out: Use the “Cut Out” feature to select and extract the subject.
    • Add Background: Insert a new layer for the background and place your subject on top.

Finalizing Your Image

After changing the background, always ensure to:

  1. Adjust Lighting: Ensure the lighting of the subject matches the new background.
  2. Merge Layers: If using advanced apps, combine layers to create one cohesive image.
  3. Save in High Resolution: To retain quality, save or export in the highest resolution possible.


  • Q: Will these apps add watermarks to my edited photos?
    • A: Some free versions might add watermarks. However, most apps offer a paid version or in-app purchase to remove them.
  • Q: Can I use my own pictures as backgrounds?
    • A: Absolutely! All mentioned apps allow you to import custom images to use as backgrounds.
  • Q: Are there any apps that automatically change the background for me?
    • A: Some apps offer AI-powered tools that auto-detect and change backgrounds. However, for precise results, manual editing is recommended.
  • Q: Is the built-in iPhone tool sufficient for professional needs?
    • A: While the iPhone’s built-in tools are powerful, for professional requirements, specialized third-party apps or software are advisable.

In Conclusion

The power of modern smartphones means that what once required professional software and expertise can now be done in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re looking to craft a perfect social media post, design a gift, or just experiment with your photos, changing the background of an image on your iPhone is now easier than ever.

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