Difference Between Apple Watch 7 and 8


The Apple Watch has become one of the most popular smartwatches on the market, with its sleek design, robust health features, and seamless iOS integration. With each new version, Apple aims to make significant upgrades. If you are contemplating whether to opt for the Apple Watch Series 7 or wait for the Series 8, this comprehensive guide will break down the key differences.

Design and Build Quality

Apple Watch Series 7

The Series 7 offered a refined design with larger display areas, and it came in multiple colors and materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Series 8 is rumored to have an even more advanced design with potential new materials and possibly a round face, breaking away from the traditional square design.

Display and Interface

Apple Watch Series 7

This version introduced a Retina display with thinner bezels. The Series 7 was all about maximizing screen real estate.

Apple Watch Series 8

It’s anticipated that the Series 8 might incorporate MicroLED technology for brighter, more energy-efficient displays.

Health and Fitness Features

Apple Watch Series 7

The Series 7 includes heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen measurement.

Apple Watch Series 8

Experts predict that Series 8 could introduce advanced health features like glucose monitoring and improved sleep tracking.

Battery Life

Apple Watch Series 7

The Series 7 battery life was one of its weak points, often requiring a daily charge with heavy usage.

Apple Watch Series 8

With each iteration, Apple aims to improve battery life, and it’s expected that the Series 8 will offer a more substantial battery, possibly benefiting from new technologies like graphene.

Software Updates

Both the Series 7 and Series 8 will run the latest watchOS, offering similar software experiences. However, the Series 8 will likely support software updates for a longer period given its more recent hardware.

Price Comparison

The Series 7 was priced starting at $399 for the GPS model. While pricing for the Series 8 is still speculative, it’s anticipated to have a similar starting point.


Should I upgrade from Series 7 to Series 8?

This would depend on your specific needs. If the Series 8 offers a feature you consider a must-have, an upgrade might be worth it.

Can the bands from Series 7 fit the Series 8?

While Apple has maintained band compatibility in past versions, there’s no official word on whether this will remain true for the Series 8.

When is the Apple Watch Series 8 coming out?

Typically, new Apple Watch models are announced in September, alongside new iPhones.

Is it worth buying the Series 7 now or should I wait for the Series 8?

If you need a smartwatch immediately, the Series 7 is a solid choice. However, if you can wait for the Series 8, it’s likely to offer several advancements.

Will the Series 8 be available in the same sizes as the Series 7?

While no official information is available, the sizes are expected to be relatively consistent with past models.


Choosing between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the upcoming Series 8 will largely depend on your specific needs and what you are looking for in a smartwatch. While the Series 7 offers a rich array of features, the Series 8 is expected to bring even more advanced health tracking, possibly improved design, and better battery life.

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