Choosing Bulletproof Bag Inserts and the Right Level of Protection

Choosing Bulletproof Bag Inserts and the Right Level of Protection

We all care about the safety of our children and protecting them from risks is our main concern as parents. Due to various shooting incidents that happened in the past, we can’t seem to feel at ease sending them to school. This is why some kids are studying from home where they’ll be safer.

It’s not that we don’t trust the security system in our community, but accidents happen. What if our children hit those bullets that lead to their deaths? Nobody can bring back their lives, that’s why we have to be more cautious and strengthen their protection.

Our technology is indeed advanced, and all sorts of automated security systems can be installed. But still, this won’t guarantee our children’s safety when they’re in school, shopping malls, or parks. Fortunately, innovative technology designed inserts for backpacks which most of our kids are using.

What’s a bulletproof backpack insert?

These are made of durable ballistic fibers. Bulletproof inserts are woven in a crisscross pattern to make them more durable and flexible as well.  They’re stacked in multiple weaves to come up with a single item covered with level III-A-resistant material.

This is similar to how bulletproof vests are made. This will help in stopping the bullets and preventing harm to your body. Thus, these inserts are good enough to protect you from gun-related violence threats.

Keep in mind that these are designed to fit a standard size of bags your children carry. These are made with lightweight ballistic materials so extra weight isn’t noticeable. It usually comes with a compartment so that protection can be achieved on the rear side of the backpack.

Who needs this?

We all need one, especially our children, to keep them safe from gunfire. Again, violence may occur anywhere, and we can’t say that we’re safe because there are police officers to control such situations. Even the authorities aren’t safe, that’s why they have bulletproof vests on.

That’s why investing in this isn’t about simply owning one. Let’s say that we need it to protect lives from potential gunfire, especially when the rate of crime is high in your area. Therefore, if you care about the future of our family members, consider purchasing one as well – go to for further reading.

Choosing a Bulletproof Backpack

Choosing a Bulletproof Backpack

Since the degree of protection is our main goal here, make sure that you pick wisely. Learn what factors must be considered. Take this armor seriously because your life will rely on it.

Protection Level

What makes it reliable are the properties integrated, such as the insert plate. How much can this protect you from a bullet? This is what it’s trying to imply since ammo varies.

There’s an extra weight so it will be heavier and might be inconvenient for children. Thus, if this is for younger kids, then you should also consider this aspect.

You have to determine what grade the NIJ or National Institute of Justice gave. In this way, you’ll know how resistant it is given the material used. If the NIJ rate is higher, then it’s surely designed to provide better protection.

NIJ Ratings

It comes with 5 classifications. The “A” in the ratings means that it has a better protection rate. It’s like they are rated from the lowest to highest grade.

  • IIA – It’s a soft body armor that’s light and untraceable. Can withstand 9mm, as well as .40 Smith and Wesson bullets.
  • II – You can easily hide this since it’s lightweight. It protects you from .357 magnum ammo and 9mm handguns.
  • IIIA – This is known for being soft and flexible but offers outstanding protection from .44 magnum ammunition and .357 SIG longer-barrel firearms.
  • III – It’s a hard body armor made of composite materials, such as metal plates. With this you can stop 7.62mm FMJ rifle ammunition.
  • IV – The most dominant shield for your body. It’s usually designed for various military applications. It can endure .30cal steel core rifle bullets.


Since we have to consider a material that withstands bullets, let’s be meticulous with this. Remember your purpose why you would like to invest in this backpack insert. These are both reliable and we can always get both.


PE is another material for you to choose from. It can also counterweigh threats just like ceramic. Another advantage is that it’s highly resilient to cracks and grazes.

Aside from that, it also resists various chemical damages. That’s because it was designed with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene or UHMWPE – check this out to learn more. It weighs but can endure green-tip ammunition.


This is a durable plate that offers a high level of defense. It could be lightweight, but it’s strong and reliable enough to use when there’s a threat.

It’s designed with microstructures for a more reliable and guaranteed performance. Thus, can withstand high-caliber bullets.

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