4 Tips for Growing a New Homemade Beauty Product Line in The Technology Era


Consumers are increasingly conscious of the dangers associated with many of the chemicals used in the beauty industry. This has created a growing demand for homemade and small-batch beauty products. If you are looking to capitalize on that market with your own line of handmade products, these tips will help you make a great impression.

  1. Use Top Quality Ingredients

This is the absolute most important thing when you are developing a line of products. People are willing to pay top dollar for craft cosmetics, but they fully expect to receive the best quality ingredients. Look for naturally-produced or organic ingredients where possible. Consider sources that are animal and environmentally friendly for an added edge.

  1. Choose Packaging Carefully

All of those amazing ingredients need to be packaged in an attractive and safe manner. You want to choose packaging that sets it apart from competitors. Bottles, tubes and pots with vibrant labels can catch someone’s eye easily. Using tamper-evident caps boosts consumer confidence that everything is sealed and safe.

  1. Share Samples and Testers

It is absolutely critical that you get your products into (and on) the hands of people who will benefit from them. Set up at local farmers’ markets or fairs and bring plenty of samples and tester bottles. If you primarily sell online, send an extra sample of a new product with each order. Letting people smell, touch and experience what you are offering is key to winning people to a new brand.

  1. Use Social Marketing

Most new small business owners immediately think about social media marketing. That can be a great way to increase awareness, but that isn’t the only way to leverage social connections. Connect with other small businesses to build your own network. Wedding planners, salons and small inns are just a few of the potential connections you should explore.

Once you have a solid product made with the best possible ingredients and attractively packaged, work to get people using it. Encourage the sharing of samples and reviews and build a network of like-minded professionals that will help you grow your business.

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