WordPress Quiz Plugin Is A Great Way To Engage Customers


WordPress quiz plugin is a great way to engage customers. People spend time interacting with quizzes, which means they spend a lot of time on your site. That’s why questionnaires are useful for your marketing efforts in terms of content. WordPress quiz plugin offers simple quiz design options, feeds/categories, MailChimp integration (lock quiz results) and even custom formats.

Just use the built-in options to create your custom quizzes, then use the automatically generated shortcode to insert into any ready area of ​​your website post, page, or widget. Plus, all the quizzes you create with the WordPress quiz plugin are fully responsive and mobile-friendly — it’s the perfect addition to your viral website!

That allows you to use your quizzes for three different types of answers: lists, grids, or games. These types of answers will provide exciting options for any of your quizzes, which can turn your users into a fascinating story or an interactive adventure.

Social sharing

You can easily add social sharing buttons to any of your quizzes, which gives opportunities for your content to go viral very fast. You can also add your email newsletter to the subscription list. That will help to dramatically broaden your subscriber base, especially in association with Content Locker (providing user emails to start quizzes or view results). The integration of Mailchimp enables you to connect new customers directly to your base on this network.

Tools to prepare and test your knowledge

The WordPress quiz plugin offers a wide range of opportunities for design, layout, and question order configuration. You can display the quiz as a complete list or slider with one slide per question. A user-defined or random query order can increase the revision value for each quiz.

It is suitable not only for entertainment purposes but also as a tool for preparing and testing your knowledge for essential examinations in a particular school or university subjects.

For each quiz, it gives you an intuitive interface. Once you have created a quiz, you can use a shortcode to include it in any post or site. You can also break the quiz into several pages, which increases page views.

Types of quizzes

Two types of quizzes are available with the option to randomize the order of questions – personality test and general knowledge (trivia). You can also use the “Browser Refresh” feature to create multi-page quizzes, which improves the page view of your web.

The plugin supports hiding quiz results behind a content locker such as an email option box or social share, compelling the user to subscribe or share your post before they can see the results.

Here lets you create your WordPress website optimization quizzes and surveys. Question forms include radio boxes, drop-down lists, multiple checkbox entries, conditional answers (such as true/false, yes/no, etc.) and numerous options for open-ended queries.

The plugin has other helpful features, such as emailing results, setting deadlines, showing hints, answering the location of explanations, comment boxes for each question, user login, and more.

Conclusion: Once you start receiving steady traffic to your website, visitors need time to nurture and turn into followers, and ultimately into loyal fans.

When you prepare a quiz for your visitors, you stand apart from others. The more applicable the quiz is to your content – the higher your chances of creating loyal visitors.

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