What You Should Know about Atlassian Careers?

What You Should Know about Atlassian Careers

Atlassian Corporation is a renowned software company in Australia that develops several products for project managers, software developers, and many software development teams. This company is located in Delaware and has its global headquarters in different locations like Sydney and San Francisco.

Atlassian Careers

If you are interested in making a career in Atlassian, you are not alone. Countless people are interested in the range of tools that Atlassian proposes, like Bitbucket, Confluence, and Jira. They have turned into a vital part of modern organizations for software development, collaboration of teams, and project management. If you want to extract the most from these tools, you need to use specialized roles like Atlassian Consultants, Developers, and Administrators. You can click here to more info about the roles and responsibilities of these professionals in detail. A consultant works with a team on several projects, like optimizing the Confluence or Jira environments.

These consultants also propose strategic suggestions for the optimization and implementation of different Atlassian tools. Most often, an Atlassian consultant works on a project-based engagement. Again, he also specializes in some particular tools.

Kinds of Atlassian Consultants

  • Confluence Consultant– The Confluence consultants work to optimize Confluence for different business requirements.
  • Jira Consultant –Jira consultants specialize in planned suggestions to optimize Jira.
  • Bitbucket Consultant – Bitbucket consultants give suggestions on the finest practices for code mgmt. Utilizing Bitbucket.

The Responsibilities

The responsibilities of Atlassian consultants include configuration and customization, requirement gathering, support and training, and automation and integration.

Developers work to extend the functionalities of the tools of Atlassian via plugins, custom solutions, and integrations. Most often, these professionals collaborate with consultants and administrators to use different custom solutions.

Kinds of Atlassian Developers

  • Bitbucket Extension Developer –They build extensions to augment the features of Bitbucket.
  • Confluence Macro Developer –A Confluence macro developer develops macros to improve the capacities of Confluence.
  • Jira Plugin Developer– Jira plugin developers specialize in forming plugins to extend the functionalities of Jira.

Job Accountabilities

The job responsibilities of Atlassian developers include forming custom extensions or plugins, ensuring code quality, and scripting for automation.

Atlassian administrators remain liable to provide customer support, technical assistance, and administrative jobs for the product users of Atlassian. These professionals habitually specialize in some particular tools, though they also remain liable for several tools in a small organization.

Kinds of Atlassian Administrators

  • Confluence Administrator –Confluence administrators specialize in templates, permissions, and space in Confluence.
  • Bitbucket Administrator –A Bitbucket administrator manages integrations and code repositories within Bitbucket.
  • Jira Administrator –Jira administrators concentrate on managing Jira.

Vital Responsibilities

Atlassian administrators manage workflow settings, permissions, and users. They also customize fields, screens, and issue types. Additionally, their job also entails creating dashboards and reports.

Summing it up

Atlassian developers, consultants, and administrators play vital roles in using and implementing Atlassian tools. Every professional follows unique career paths. Additionally, these professionals also perform special responsibilities. Hence, they are indispensable to an organization that has varied objectives and requirements. Check out the official website for more info about the roles of these professionals. When you gain sufficient information, you can staff your team as well as plot your career in the ecosystem of Atlassian.

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