Understanding What Content is and Its Importance


Ask any SEO company near Tampa what the most important part of SEO marketing is, and they’ll tell you content and SEO. This is because you need to continuously create high-quality, optimized content so that it appears near the top of the SERPs from where it can drive traffic to your website. Without this type of content, the search engines won’t have enough information to be able to properly index and rank your website, which means that you won’t ever be found online. Here are a few tips to remember as you create content that’s optimized for both your targeted keywords and users’ experience.

Understand your target audience.

In order to create the type of content that will resonate with your audience near Tampa, you must first understand your customers. The SEO company that you hire does this by looking at who your existing audience is, then creating different buyer personas that tell you various things about your customers (e.g., gender, age, interests, problems they’re looking to have you solve for them). This will form the basis of your SEO marketing strategy.

Perform keyword research.

Before you hire an SEO company to create content for your website near Tampa, it’s important to know what keywords you’re targeting with your SEO marketing. This means that keyword research must be conducted based on the products and services you offer so that you can discover what your customers are searching for and what questions they’re asking. Once you know more about these things, you’ll want to create content that’s optimized around these keywords and phrases. 

Focus on long-tail keywords.

An SEO company near Tampa won’t only focus on keywords, but they’ll also focus on long-tail keywords as part of your SEO marketing strategy. These are the keywords that people use when they’re almost ready to make a purchase, which is why they have a lower search volume. Nevertheless, since these keywords tend to be more specific and have less competition, you’re more likely to be successful with any SEO marketing you do with them.

Stick to your topic and keyword.

As you write your content, you don’t want to write about a wide array of things in a single post. Instead, you want to stick to the keyword and topic you’re targeting so that you don’t confuse Google and your readers – something that won’t help you with your ranking. Remember! Your goal is to create the most useful, highly relevant content regarding a single topic.

Optimize your content’s outline and format for readability.

Since you want to ensure that your content is highly readable, you’ll need to break it down into small parts. Your online readers near Tampa have really short attention spans. They won’t stick around to read one huge block of text. This is why you want to always use subheadings and bullet points to break things up a bit.

Include backlinks.

One of the most important ways for your site to gain credibility is through backlinks. This ranking signal is based on the type of content that you link to when creating your own. The content that your SEO company chooses to link to should be relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative, as this will prove that your own content is credible.

Hire an SEO company to do this work for you.

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