Things You Do Not Know About Your Accessibility Overlay


When it comes to your blog or business website, are you sure that they are accessible to everyone? They are highly popular on the Internet today, as they spread awareness and information about the products and services you wish to sell in the market. However, little do you know that if your site is inaccessible to users with disabilities, you will lose out on many customers. Now, the question is, why?

The need for an accessibility overlay for all business websites

When you install an accessibility overlay for your blog or your site,you are able to enhance the user experience of them for everyone, including users with special needs and disabilities. You are able to give them a better reading experience and help them make the site enjoyable for browsing.

Fulfill your responsibilities to the user online better

When you invest in a good overlay tool for your business, you are fulfilling all your responsibilities to the online user. You are making your content fairly accessible to everyone. This tool is not new, and it has been around for several years. You will find them on social media sites and blogs. This is why they are so popular in the market, and web visitors have been using them for many years.

The uses of an overlay

There are many uses of an overlay, and so if you are using one for your business, you surely are not alone. The following are some of the uses of an accessibility overlay-

1. Accessibility toolbar- This is a shortcut to the information on the site. It helps users determine whether they can access the web content and get other information like the alternate text to images.

2. Scroller-This contains all the informational content on a single page. This saves the time of the user, who does not need to click different links to find what they are looking for. It allows screen readers to scroll down one page making the webpage shorter and saving time during loading.

3. Thumbnail overlay- This is a sort of image that pops up to allow the user to know what this image is. It provides them with context before they select to look at it.

4. Static overlay-It is similar to a box and stays on the top of the site. It remains there till as user reads it, and when the user finishes reading, it goes away.

As a business owner, you must note that an overlay is not only intended for WordPress. If you have a WP site, you might be of the misconception that you would have to use several of the plugins available for the site. This is not true. There are many ways in the market to create the right accessibility overlay for your website or blog. It just takes one code to help users understand what they are reading online and whether they would like to stay on the site and continue reading about it?

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