The Right Sources with the Use of the Backlinks


You read an interesting blog and arrive at a fairly outdated source. What if you post an updated version of that blog, approach the relevant website and indicate that you have written a more recent article and ask if they should not link to your article. This way you generate a link from a very relevant article from an authoritarian website! The same goes for broken link building. You discover that a link to a source on an authoritarian website no longer works and approach that party with the question whether your content can replace it. 

You certainly already know on which terms you would like to score. Enter these terms in Google and see which companies rank high in Google. Then use site explorer to find out which links these websites have. With this tool you can easily filter out the spammy links and you will have interesting links that you can access yourself. You can buy backlinks and have the best deal here.

Can you also do link building yourself?

You can certainly do link building yourself. Nevertheless, practice shows that link building is a profession in itself with enough risks if you use it in the wrong way. The most successful companies actually always employ or hire a SEO specialist. We are happy to help you with that.

Do not engage in link begging

We see it very regularly. Both we and our customers receive emails from parties who would like to exchange links, place links on our websites or any other construction. Of course, these are not natural links and Google is not happy with this. If you do start with this, make sure that the links are still valuable and relevant and do not engage in AB link exchange.

Make a link survey or a 0 measurement

This is actually part of tip 2; the research. Since the rest of this blog contains valuable information for this tip, I’ll tell you now. You can get started with link building, but what if you already have a number of spammy links to your website? Then you will not score or score very difficult. It is therefore crucial that you do a link 0 measurement. You can also use site explorer for this.

Enter the website, go to the backlink profile section and filter out the spammy links. Make sure to remove these links. For example, you can contact the website owner and request that the link be removed. If that doesn’t work, you can submit a disavow via the Google Search Console.

Don’t engage in link begging

Link building works, but link learning is the best. Earn links and automatically create a varied link profile. Even if you do link building, you should ensure a varied link profile with valuable links. That is the foundation of success with link building.


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