Back in 2010, socials media like Twitter and Facebook handled session verification such as this:

  • Accept a link using HTTPS, i.e., safe HTTP, as well as let the user enter his/her username as well as a password over an encrypted link, to quit crooks from smelling the credentials.

  • Send back a distinct “session cookie,” legitimate until logout, with a one-time cryptographic code that verifies the user has already logged in appropriately.

  • Consequently, approve that cookie over insecure links.

So, you couldn’t sniff the password of the individual for the following time, yet you might sniff his session cookie as well as hack his/her existing Twitter or Facebook session in genuine time.


Firesheep was a Firefox plugin that automated the procedure of waiting on users to log in and after that taking their session cookies. That made it a point-and-click workout to take over their accounts, at least until they understood what was going on as well as logged out. The apparent motivation for Firesheep, even though it was ripe for abuse, was to develop a public kerfuffle sufficient to push solutions like Facebook and Twitter to utilize HTTPS at all times.

This is precisely what Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram and others did because it resolved the trouble: no unencrypted session cookie to smell and it implied no session to hijack.


Fast onward virtually four years, as well as it looks as though the Instagram iOS application operates in nearly precisely similarly as discussed in the 1-2-3 list above. In short, it allows HTTP connections after the initial login.

So, Instagram customers with iPhone and iPads can be hijacked effortlessly.


We simply have three words of advice: do not do this.

  • A minimum of, don’t do it to another person’s account unless they clearly offer you authorization.

  • It’s certainly not wonderful, and it’s probably not legal, anywhere you may live.

  • However, it was truly a very easy way to hack.

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