SEO for Dummies


SEO is keyword-based. In other words, these are the words you enter into search engines when looking for the type of product or service you are selling or the information they offer 香港 SEO. For your page to be considered a match for this search, the same word must appear in the correct place on your website. They should also appear in the anchor text of links to your website.

If you use the wrong keywords, your audience’s search engines won’t be able to find people trying to access your site.

Now you might want to know which keywords are important to you for your business, blog, nonprofit, or other things. don’t do this Some of the 香港 SEO keywords you think of may not be very important, and you are almost certainly missing a few important words. That’s why you need to do keyword analysis to find out what people are looking for. Don’t skip this step, it’s important!

Search engines and voting are important concepts that revolutionized the search engine industry in the late 1990s. Search engines do two things.

They index your web pages, so they know what’s on your website based on the words they find in your website text.

They check the links that point to you on other websites; They process them by voting on your website.

So the 香港 SEO ultimately gets two pieces of information about your website. Search engines know what your website is about, how much the internet cares about your website, and how much other website owners respect your website.


Two aspects of SEO

On-page optimization and off-page optimization are two aspects of 香港 SEO. Page optimization is what you do on your web pages, which means your web pages will be “search engine friendly”. This is an optimization of any page, including placing keywords in URL title tags, using structured data tags to tag information, allowing pages on your site Web to load quickly in users’ browsers, etc.


Off-page, optimization means that you will get links from other websites to your website i.e. backlinks (because backlinks refer to your website). On popular websites, you need different types of links including links and links that have those keywords in the anchor text (read clickable text).


On-page optimization or off-page optimization, which is more important? Both are important, and both can be part of a good SEO strategy. Some 香港 seo jobs are heavier on certain pages than off-page optimization, while others are heavier on certain pages than on-page optimization.


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