Post Internet Marketing Actions Should Be Taken After Business Website Revamp


When you have a plan to have a complete revamp of your Hong Kong based business website, it is not only the web design that matters. One of the first things in your do-to-list should be to get the professional consultation from a reputable and experienced SEO company in HK.

More than you would have expected, most business websites would run into unnecessary troubles when switching web servers, changing over to a new website (from the old version), and more. In the process, the search engine optimization work that was previously implemented would often fall apart. It is not because the web development team has not done their work right. It was more than often that there was a SEO review and migration process that has been missing in the new website deployment project.

On the marketing side, the internet marketing activities that will be restarted after the new website is fully deployed and functional. The internet marketing should involve the creation of the required content to supply the content marketing team, social media specialists, email marketers, paid search marketing specialists, and SEO professionals. On top of the channels that have been mentioned and considered, the created content would have to be re-purposed to fit the need of the ad retargeting specialists.

Retargeting enables you to track users (including Hong Kong audience) who have previously visited your website but have not taken an action which may be subscribing to your newsletter, signing up to use your free coupon code. Launching retargeting ad may be effective to a certain extent as the technology is based on cookies of users. There could have been quite a few highly potential prospects who have seen your ad or visited one of your web pages but would not have done anything further. Being able to retarget the audience for a second time or even third time let you have a way to remind people about your business or your product.

To ensure a relatively higher or acceptable user retention rate, a lead conversion funnel should be created on the business website. It may be through the use of a landing page, a lead magnet, a message, and a call-to-action.

In this specific conversion funnel, the lead magnet for example could be a free offer (as in a free coupon code for the next edition of your product upgrade. The main purpose is intended to attract a niche audience of people in HK (and some other Asian countries). The audience who would have ended up opting-in through the lead magnet are considered your potential prospects or leads.


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