How We Pulled Off Our General Assembly Via Virtual Event In Singapore


As a youth charity organisation member, we always conduct an annual general assembly with our members and sponsors to report our achievements for the past years and lay out our plans for the following year. The general assembly is also an opportunity for old and new members of the organisation to bond and catch up. But as the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, we avoided mass gatherings for the assembly. Instead, we had a virtual event in Singapore where all of the members of the charity could participate in the comforts of their homes. Here’s how we did it.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Years before the pandemic, we always conducted our general assembly at resorts. So besides updating our members about the charity’s future activities, we also hold team-building activities– it is a two-in-one event. It was a great time to strengthen our bond, teamwork, and communication as volunteer members.

But when the COVID-19 global pandemic struck in 2020 and mass gatherings were discouraged, there was no way we could conduct our general assembly/team-building.

Virtual Event and Event Management System

There may be no mass gatherings, but it does not mean we cannot carry out our general assembly. With Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, we knew we could pull off an online event if we had the right event management system.

We found Evention, a company specialising in virtual exhibition events in Singapore. Evention has services for people who need an online interactive platform for their events.

Besides setting up the cameras, microphones, and lighting needed for the company also helped us set up a user-friendly registration process. The customised registration process ensures only the members can access the event, stopping online gatecrashers.

And to fully engage with our members in the hybrid event in Singapore, we had live chat and Q&A polls where viewers could participate. No one was left out in our event with these interactive features.

Additional Features!

Since technically cannot have physical activities, we still ensure that our members can still bond with the additional features of the virtual event in Singapore. These features include a virtual event photo booth. The members can take photos using various frames and AR filters. We, later on, posted their pictures for fun!

We also got the 3D virtual set to fully enhance our online general assembly. We presented our reports with ‘hologram’ charts using the 3D system. It makes the charts and graphs more interesting and engaging with attractive animation.

The Verdict!

Our general assembly was a success! Besides the fact that we were 98% in attendance, our members also enjoyed our hybrid event in Singapore. They said the reports were on-point, and the live chats and polls were engaging. They also found that the virtual event was convenient and safe since they did not have to go outside and risk their health to attend the general assembly.

Evention Singapore

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