How to Dispose of Your Electronics Safely and Responsibly


As businesses continue to expand their use of electronic equipment, the question of how to retire equipment that either ceases to function or is no longer needed becomes more and more relevant. The process of doing so is called IT Asset Disposition, abbreviated as ITAD Ontario. When you are clearing away old IT equipment in order to make way for newer equipment, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Wipe All Data From the Equipment

When a hard drive containing data related to your business is released beyond the confines of your office space, there is a risk of compromising data privacy. A breach of data privacy can hurt your business as well as your clients. It is imperative that you wipe all existing data from any devices that are being retired from service at your business. This process may take place at your office or offsite, depending on the amount of data that you have stored as well as a variety of other considerations. Since time and cost are factors in making this decision, you should consult with your IT provider.

Recycle the Equipment Responsibly

Electronic waste is a global environmental problem that gets worse each year. Your provider should take care to dispose of the electronic equipment in a way that harms the environment as little as possible. In addition to creating pollution, failing to comply with regulations can result in hefty fines for your business. These fines can be severe enough to impact your bottom line in a substantial way.

Keep An Eye on Logistics

Transporting your physical equipment from the place of origin to the place where it will be disposed of is a key part of the ITAD process. Make sure to do your due diligence when choosing your provider and that you have a complete understanding of how the equipment will be transported and when it should arrive at its final destination. An important step to take in order to make this happen is to request a full report which indicates both transport and receipt.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to retire your old electronics in a secure and responsible manner.

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