How To Boost Sales With A Good Email Marketing Strategy


A good email marketing strategy can boost your business sales exponentially. However, it is not a question of carrying out a massive mailing to see if there is luck but to plan the actions and customize the shipments according to the profile of each client and their situation in the sales funnel.

In addition to good planning, an email marketing strategy must have clear, realistic, and measurable objectives. After the campaign, you should always analyze the results obtained to see if they have been positive or negative.

Next, we explain how sales can be boosted with email marketing.

Define An Objective

The first step of an email marketing strategy is to define the objectives that are pursued. Only having cleared the objective is it possible to optimize your strategy to obtain good results.

When we talk about goals, we tend to think only about sales. However, the objectives of an email marketing strategy can be very varied. It all depends on the type of business and the profile of the users with whom we are going to contact. You should not act the same with a first-time subscriber than with a regular customer.

Some common purposes of an email marketing strategy can be:

  • Increase the traffic of visits to the website or blog
  • Boost sales of a service or product
  • Obtain relevant information from our buyer person through a survey
  • Achieve interactions through a contest
  • Offer a sample of your product or service
  • Loyalty or reward the best customers

Once you have defined the purpose of your email marketing strategy, you must establish quantifiable objectives that will be used to measure the level of success of your campaign. 

Prepare Your Email Marketing Strategy

Now that you have the objectives and the segmented database, it is key to design an email marketing strategy that helps you achieve your goals. It is a vital step that must be carefully developed.

If your goal is to publicize a new product or service, you will have to design several combined actions. For example, you can offer free product samples, provide registration for a free version, publish related content on your blog and disseminate them in your newsletters, create an android application [buat aplikasi android which is the term in Indonesia] to give people easy access to your product, create video tutorials to show the potential of the product, or create a promotion with discounts.

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