Here’s How You Can Do Quarterly SEO Planning for Excellent Results

Here’s How You Can Do Quarterly SEO Planning for Excellent Results

Using SEO in Atlanta is one of the most result-driven digital marketing strategies that will help you rank your business on the top in search engines. But even though you are doing everything that makes a good SEO strategy, you are not getting the results as much as your efforts. That’s because you may not know there are some leaks that you need to seal up in your seo strategies with quarterly planning to get three times better results.

With these steps, you can have a great quarterly SEO plan that can help you drive great results:

Review Your Goal & Core Metrics

One of the first steps of any SEO strategy is to set some goals. This will help you in measuring your ROI and will let you know what you wish to achieve. When you review your core metrics, you get the real-time picture of your journey; this way, if something’s not working, change it accordingly so that you meet your goals and KPIs for the year.

Review Keyword Research

You can ask any expert of SEO in Atlanta, and they will tell you keyword research is the backbone of any SEO plan. Every month, every week, there are new terms that increase or decrease in popularity. Therefore, it is vital to review your keyword research to include those keywords that have a higher click-through rate. Google trends and Uber recommendations are the two best free tools to use for your keyword research.

Check Your Rankings

Your website position plays a big role in your SEO plan.  At the end of each quarter, check the ranking of your most valuable keyword and note the parameters. Check whether you lost or gained a position, which blog posts need more backlinks, does your blog need better content. After analyzing these things, work on the parameters that lag behind.

Technical SEO Review

One of the main reasons why your SEO plan is not working could be a strange technical SEO problem. There are many types of back-end issues that can affect your SEO plan directly. For that, you need to run a technical SEO checkup quarterly. After completing the entire overview, share it with your team and then start working on it. Designate responsibilities to the departments where you had the leaks and start working on sealing them up. You can also read about four ways to improve SEO for Ecommerce websites to rank better in search engines.

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