Facts About Casters Technology


Of all the options available for making equipment and workstations mobile in factories, casters are probably the most popular. Without these, production would be a lot less efficient, and workers would be forced to move heavy loads with brute strength. So here are a few facts that can help you appreciate these tiny wheels even more.

What Are They?

Rigid, swivel, heavy-duty, and suspension casters are all wheels attached to the bottom of equipment and workstations. This makes it easier for people working in every industry, from metal pouring to aircraft manufacturing, to move equipment and projects around.

Are There Different Types?

There are many different types of casters. People looking for the perfect fit need to consider material, size, load capacity, and attachment options to get the right one.

Which One Is the Best?

Which caster is the best is based on your specific needs. You should consider your options, decide if you want something that can roll straight for long distances or easily be maneuvered, and pick the appropriate configuration based on your assessment.

Are There Industry-Specific Casters?

There are not industry-specific casters. However, certain options appeal to different industries. For instance, you can use heavy-duty casters to move heavy loads, so they are popular in the aircraft industry. Meanwhile, swivel casters are a great option for small businesses that need to move equipment but don’t have a lot of distance to cover. Finally, those who are looking for durability and maneuverability may use a combination of several different types of casters.

Can They Damage Your Floor?

When you choose the proper caster for your flooring, it will not be damaged. However, getting the wrong material can do damage to your floor. Therefore, you will need to look at material charts and ensure the one you choose is compatible with your flooring.

While they may not be the most talked-about feature in a factory, casters are incredibly important. So next time you are pushing something heavy with little effort, be grateful for these tiny wheels.


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