Customer Lifecycle Stage One: Attract – Back It Up With Content Marketing And SEO


Customer lifecycle has five stages: Attract, convert, fulfill, delight, and refer. Applying all five stages or even some of the stages are going to help strengthen the relationship between service provider and customers. For a small business based in Hong Kong, the main objective (in the customer lifecycle) has always been to strengthen the relationship with local Hong Kong leads and customers in an ongoing basis. Having a lifecycle allows moving all the potential leads through a series of stages which is commonly known as a funnel. In digital marketing, a funnel refers to a predetermined series of events or interactions with a customer or lead. The intention of a typical online funnel is to guide a lead from the first point to the second point. The first point may be the awareness of a product. The second point may be placing an order of the product in the shopping cart.

In the first stage which is “attract”, the HK small business needs to have the ability to first get the target users to the company website through one online channel or multiple online channels. For example, a SEO company in Hong Kong is more than capable to build up your SEO visitors through optimizing your website / web pages for higher positions on Google’s organic search results. When users are searching your product names and are seeing your pages listed on the SERP, it is the first point of exposure of your product on an external online channel. i.e. Your company website does not count as an external channel, but it is an owned medium.

Often people believe content marketing is simply content marketing, and has nothing to do with SEO i.e. search engine optimization. But it is not. In content marketing, you will develop a plan which involves regularly publishing blog articles, use cases, videos and more on topics related to your product and the know-how information that is built around your main product. The purpose of all these is to attract people who are interested in those topics and may later be interested in your product. The entire content marketing has to be aligned with what you do in SEO, but not only social media marketing or email marketing.

The more important aspect is to understand that most people for the first time who land on your website or specific landing page will not buy your product right away. It is your job to set up a mechanism and make sure the prospects have an option to share their email addresses with you. This will allow you to keep in touch with them over time through other means of content that can engage them for further interactions.


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