Clearing Out the Cobwebs in Your Network Tech


No matter what kind of business you run, you rely on the Internet to complete your customers’ orders. From ordering supplies to scheduling each day’s manufacturing to conducting credit card transactions, each step of your operations involves the Internet. To ensure that your company stays on schedule and to reduce delays for your customers, take these steps to improve your business network today.

Upgrade Your Network

If your network is more than a few years old, it’s time for an upgrade. Although some companies still use dial-up Internet, local area networks are much more efficient. Look into LAN design and implementation Macomb County MI to see if there are ways to increase your network’s efficiency and usability.

Protect Your Network

Your customers want to use your Wi-fi, and if they have to wait a long time without access to your network, they become angry. Purchase a second router that provides password-protected Wi-fi for customers, and display the password on your walls. That way, customers inside your store can use the Internet, but people outside can’t. Then, create a much stronger password for your employee-only Internet to prevent your work computers from slowing down.

Manage Your Bandwidth

Your Internet’s speed is directly related to the number of people using it; as you add more employees, the Wi-fi becomes slower. Your company is expanding, so you can’t just kick employees off the Internet, but you do need to make a change. Work with your Internet provider to purchase more bandwidth to ensure that you have enough Internet access for all your business functions.

Managing your online business is complicated, particularly if you started work before the Internet became commonplace. Still, if you work with your Internet provider to upgrade, protect, and increase your access to the Internet, you reduce Internet delays and increase your efficiency.

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