Bluetooth Earphones Evaluation


Sports Bluetooth Earphones are no stranger to everyone. When running, some music can enrich the running process. This article will give you an evaluation of a Sports Bluetooth Earphones.

Many users say that it is the first time to see a wireless Bluetooth Earphones equipped with a cotton swab cleaning stick. That is the HONOR Earbuds X1 true wireless Bluetooth Earphones.

The strongest feeling of users is that they are simple and clean. They are light in weight, comfortable to wear. They have excellent sound quality. They can connect Bluetooth.  They can keep the cleanliness of earphones anytime and anywhere.

High strength, ear comfort and pure sound quality are the unique features of this earphone.

To pursue pure sound quality, Earbuds X1 Bluetooth Earphones has customized 7mm high-quality composite diaphragm moving coil unit. It is with horn impedance of 16 ohms. It supports SBC and AAC dual coding technologies. After comparing various sound effects (panoramic surround, 5.1 surround, subwoofer and clear human voice), it is found that Earbuds X1 Real Wireless Bluetooth Earphones has excellent sound quality. It can synchronize sound and picture in playing games. It has excellent audio-visual effect.

It is excellent in sound quality. It has excellent appearance.

The design of the whole Bluetooth Earphones and charging box adopts piano porcelain technology. It is with integrated white soft color matching plus flashing of white indicator light. It has flashing of blue red light of charging box. The overall appearance design is careful. It adopts comfort design. The trend from the ear cap to the shape of the earphone is simple and white.

In the aspect of in-ear, it considers comfort, safety and fashion. It adopts the 1.5 CM mini ear handle design. Some parts of the inserted ear are exposed like earrings. This is fashionable.

In order to match the in-ear design, Earbuds X1 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones is equipped with a touch pad. You can complete the corresponding operation by touching the smooth back with your fingertip.

It is convenient to answer the phone and listen to music without tapping.

Press L/R twice in a row for a short time to pause. Press L/R for a long time for 2 seconds to reject the incoming call. Press 2 seconds long L to release after hearing the sound is the previous song. Press 2 seconds long R to release after hearing the sound is the next song.

In listening to music, the built-in super-strong Bluetooth chip uses intelligent frequency hopping technology. This is in combination with high-sensitivity wireless and excellent channel coding technology. In crowded areas, users can be as clear as the whole world as long as they wear it. The anti-jamming ability is excellent. Noise reduction and anti-interference are excellent. The waterproof ability is surprising.

Charge once and have an endurance of up to 24 hours. Get rid of the trouble of frequent charging. Listen to music anytime and anywhere.

After being charged, you can listen to music for 6 hours for a long time. You can consume electricity for 4 hours when answering the phone.

No matter whether you are outdoor or in normal times, you can adapt to running. It is a real wireless Bluetooth Earphones for sports and trendsetters.

With a small wireless Bluetooth Earphones, you can bring a lot of colors to your life!

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