AV Trends in 2021, Technology


As the tech worlds hurtles forward into the future, so does the audio visual technology that supports it. The more the world develops the more products have to adapt to stay compatible and relevant in the business and now personal sector of society. The move toward remote work has sparked new innovation in technological and audio visual products so that working from home is as seamless as possible. Companies are hoping to keep monetizing their products by following a variety of market trends such as supporting remote work, promoting bring your own device programs, and utilizing eSign systems for documents.

Supporting Remote Work

Many offices are moving to hybrid work schedules where employees work part of the week in the office and the rest from their home base. This keeps the feeling of camaraderie among coworkers but also increases the need for working video and audio technology. In 2021, you’ll see the beginning of a large focus on video conference software and desktop applications to replace things such as desk phones and fax machines.

Bring Your Own Device

You might have noticed more and more phone companies offering “bring your own device” plans where you can bring the phone you own and switch to their service. This trend is expected to keep growing as time wears on because it offers a certain versatility of use. It also saves businesses lots of money in the even they choose to switch their service providers. Instead of having to invest in new equipment, they can simple switch out the software on the items they already own.

Utilizing eSign

As the trends push people to work out of the office, the need for programs like DocuSign to electronically approve and sign documents is expected to increase. Keep an eye out for startups in this arena or meaningful updates to systems you already use.

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