Automating MySQL to PostgreSQL migration


Database migration is a complicated process including schema and script conversion, data migration, performance tuning, testing and others steps.It requires a lot of efforts when doing manually, especially for such powerful DBMS as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Human factor causes high risk of losing data integrity or breaking the database semantic. Fortunately, most of database entries can be converted from MySQL to PostgreSQL automatically using the dedicated tools.

Many software vendors provide solutions for automating database migration. Here is the list of necessary capabilities that can help to find the most appropriate conversion tool:

  • The product must support all modern versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL running on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms, including such variations such as MariaDB, Percona and Heroku
  • Main database entries such as schemas, data, indexes, constraints and views must be converted properly
  • The program must have fast conversion engine to guaranty the best performance of database migration
  • Merging and synchronizing PostgreSQL database with MySQL data is an extra advantage to keep source and destination databases up-to-date
  • Full support for Unicode
  • The converter must be able to export MySQL database into PostgreSQL script file for those situations when direct connection to the target server is not available
  • Command line support is necessary for scripting and scheduling the migration procedure

MySQL to PostgreSQL migration tool provided by Intelligent Converters meets all requirements listed above. For more than 20 years this software company provides solutions for database migration and synchronization to customers ranged from individuals and small businesses to world’s largest corporations. Besides basic features the product allows to convert results of user-defined SQL queries that can be efficiently used for multiple tasks.

  • Filter records to migrate:SELECT * FROM Reports WHERE ID BETWEEN 10 AND 20
  • Select and rename particular columns: SELECT Fld1 as FirstName, Fld2 as LastName FROM People
  • Combining multiple MySQL tables into a single one in PostgreSQL: SELECT * FROM Table1 AS child JOIN Table2 AS parent ON

Also, MySQL to PostgreSQL converter can store all settings into profile to simplify next use. Intuitive wizard-style interface of the product can make database migration accessible for users having no extensive experience in database management.

MySQL to PostgreSQL converter is supplied with trial version for evaluating its capabilities. Trial version has some limitations: it converts only 50 records per table and does not convert foreign keys and views.

Visit the official product page to learn more about MySQL to PostgreSQL converter:

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