Abuse Baptiste for Easy SR in Overwatch


Baptiste has found his viable place in meta, thanks to the recent buffs and amazing exploit trick by the iDK that was shown in the Overwatch World Cup finals between the United States team and the South Korea team. In this article, I will talk about the most interesting and salty cheese strategies that may help you to claim an advantage over an enemy to win the whole match!

Exploit: Unlimited Immortality Fields

This is the most interesting strategy that I mentioned at the beginning of this guide. But be sure, it will be nerfed by Blizzard in the shortest terms. The very core of this exploit consists of switching heroes to reset the cooldown of the Immortality Field. It was used (pointlessly, they still lose, but still!) by iDK, South Korea players, during the Overwatch World Cup. Watchpoint Gibraltar is not the only map where you could abuse this exploit and endlessly create Immortality Fields.

Twitter users might already know about this “”bug“”, it was highlighted by PMAJellies on twitter in AUGUST! Here is the clip, where Baptiste is spamming him immortality fields continuously straight to the control point from the very spawn, on the Lijang Tower Garden map. It is the insanely strong competitive strategy that could win you the precious second, buying your team a couple of seconds to gather up and regroup. So if you are looking for a cheese potential, then you need to learn this trick and earn easy SR point during boosting Overwatch account.

Clever usage of this exploit could create endless opportunities for your team to claim back an advantage and counter-attack! Baptiste mains could use this trick on a lot of Overwatch maps, so just open your mind.

Trick: Boots to Boost

This is insanely good for holding a closed point on many maps. As you know, Baptiste could use his special ability – Rocket Jump to hide in the safe spots, from where he could easily heal every ally. Once again, it was discovered by Reddit User – SickPunk, he posted a Video on the Dorado defense map. In this video, you could see how Baptiste found shelter in the rafters of the building. This is a safe-spot, from where he could shoot down his healing grenades without the fear of being immediately killed with a random headshot by Hanzo or Widowmaker. Even flankers, like Tracer or Genji, would meet a ton of troubles trying to kill this support hero in such a spot.

Illios Lighthouse has another awesome spot – here Baptiste could jump on the special spot (right over the door) inside the control point and heal his allies without any troubles. Be ready to throw an Immortality field, that will cover almost all areas, and this point will never be reclaimed by any enemy. At the special youtube channel – Overwatch School, you could see this spot, after all, learning by Videos is much easier.

Such tricks and places could be found on every map, so open your eyes and you will be able to find all of them!

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