A Guide to Keeping Remote Employees Motivated


Getting unmotivated while working or in the middle of any work is quite normal and natural for every human being. Motivation is something that cannot be forcefully taken out from a person or forcefully instilled in a person.

Many employees report cases of feeling unmotivated during their course of work. In any business or any company motivation is the thing which keeps all the aspects going. If there is no motivation in the team members then it would be highly difficult for the company to move towards progress and achievements.

Basically, motivation is the force that can highly turn things around. It is either the making or the breaking force of the company.

Now, since the times of remote working have started, all the employees are working from home and thus are feeling isolated and away from their office. Thus, the levels of less motivation are at their peak during these periods. The employees have reported that they are feeling less encouraged by their employers as compared to their physical presence. Therefore, this is affecting their productivity to great levels which is not good for the company in an overall aspect.

The employers are using computer monitoring software which helps them to know which employee feels less productive and so they do motivate them. However, the energy that the employees feel in the physical environment of the office cannot be seen at home pace.

Now, what according to you is motivation?


Motivation is that force that keeps the goal-focused behavior intact. If this force is high the want and desire to work would be at its peak. However, if the case is the opposite, the desire to work would be completely and totally finished.

In theory, there are two types of motivations –

  • The motivation that comes from within (Intrinsic)
  • The motivation that is externally induced (Extrinsic)

Are you someone who is looking for ways to motivate their employees? Well, then you have arrived at the right place. Let us look at some basic ways of employee motivation.

Ways of Boosting Employee Motivation


  • Make it clear how they contribute – When we do some work which is quite slow and boring to us, we tend to show disinterest and lose motivation. Therefore, you should always tell your employees about the significance and importance of the work that they are doing. This will make them motivated and move their hands faster.
  • Regular Checks – As an employer, one must keep good and clear communication with their employees. He/she should regularly check in on their employees and give them appreciation and compliments so that they feel positive and uplifted.


  • Recognition of work – Employees become automatically motivated once their work and credit are recognized. Hence, if any achievement in the company is because of any particular employee then he/she must be encouraged and their achievement should be recognized.


  • Consider their Physical and Mental Health – One must always be considerate about the physical and mental health of their employees. Do not be so blind in work that you become inconsiderate about your team’s health. This would lead to strained relations in the near future.


Therefore, these were a few key points that are highly important to run a company efficiently. Moreover, if you are looking for a tool that monitors your team and their productivity then Work Examiner is the one. This Software is the one that would keep your company safe and secure and help you know the productivity levels of your employees so that you can motivate them at the right time.

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