4 Common Features of Office Phones


While most everyone has a mobile phone, the elements of office phones can be forgotten by those who do not use them regularly. Here are four common features seen in office phones.

  1. Automated Attendant

An automated attendant is useful for directing callers to other phone lines and pre-recorded informational messages in the event that you are unable to answer your phone. In addition to keeping customers happy, an automated attendant makes your business seem professional and on the ball. Whether or not you use a voice-over ip NYC NY, ensure that your customers can receive some assistance if nobody can take their call.

  1. Voicemail

In addition to an automated attendant, voicemail is an essential part of an office phone and allows people to let you know what they need once you are available to get back to them. Remote voicemail access is especially useful for being able to listen to messages left on your office phone while you are away from the office. Consider a system that permits you to save a few pre-recorded voicemail messages for different occasions such as a shorter lunch break versus a longer holiday vacation.

  1. Conference Calling

The conference calling feature of a phone allows three or more people to participate or listen in on the same call. Think about the types of meetings you hold most often when determining how many extra lines you need. Keep in mind that most basic phone systems only grant two additional extensions.

  1. Custom On-Hold Music

If your company receives a large number of calls, customers will inevitably be put on hold from time to time. Playing music that vibes with the atmosphere of your company is professional and gives the impression that your business is paying attention to detail.

Office phones have different requirements than personal mobile phones. These are just four ways to make your office phone just as efficient and easy to use.

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